• Conversor Personal FM Assistive Listening Device with TV Amplifier

Conversor Personal FM Assistive Listening Device with TV Amplifier

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Brand Conversor

The Conversor Pro Plus is a combo package featuring the Conversor Pro and Conversor TV Transmitter. The Conversor Pro is a compact wireless FM mic/transmitter and receiver that focuses on desired sounds to provide the user with clearer sharper hearing in virtually any environment and conditions. With unmatched comfort ease of use and portability the Conversor Pro is perfect for anyone with hearing difficulty.

The TV Pro Transmitter plugs into your TV. With the Conversor Pro listening device you can watch TV without turning up the volume! Add headphones or listen with just the Conversor Pro. By increasing the available sound level the Conversor Pro ALD puts less strain on the hearing instrument amplifier. This allows higher sound levels without the risk of distortion and feedback. The microphone transmitter can be directed by hand or placed near the sound source up to 150 feet away and will also accept direct input from a stereo computer or TV. The zoom setting on the microphone allows users to focus on the sound source while the omni-directional setting focuses sound from all around in close proximity.

The lightweight Conversor Pro receiver can be worn around the neck or even placed under clothing and works with t-coil equipped hearing aids cochlear implants or binaural headphones for users without a t-coil instrument. Users can now enjoy better hearing at home in the classroom or office at social gatherings shopping restaurants or even in the car.

  • Background Noise Reduction reduces unwanted background and peripheral sound by up to 30dB emphasizing the selected sound you want to hear.
  • Wireless transmission with the microphone placed near the sound source you can listen with enhanced clarity up to 150 feet.
  • Works with t-coil equipped hearing instruments cochlear implants or binaural headphones.
  • Neckl
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