• StarTech.com ARMUNONB Single Monitor Arm Laptop Stand

StarTech.com ARMUNONB Single Monitor Arm Laptop Stand

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This monitor arm lets you create a convenient and cost-effective dual-monitor workspace using your laptop as your secondary display. It features an integrated stand that elevates your laptop off of your desk seamlessly aligning it with your other display.

Integrate your laptop display to provide enhanced productivity. The tray lets you adjust the height of your laptop so that it’s in line with your monitor giving you the same functionality as a dual-monitor setup without having to purchase a second monitor.

With two displays you have the extra screen space that you need to simplify multitasking and maximize productivity. Using two displays makes it easier to reference material on one monitor while working on the other saving you the time and hassle of having to flip back and forth between documents. Plus for viewing longer pages or blocks of code without having to scroll down your screen the LCD arm also supports simple landscape-to-portrait display rotation.

The flexible monitor arm and stand let you extend tilt and swivel the monitor and the laptop with a full range of motion across multiple axes with spring-assisted height adjustments for effortless positioning. It makes it easy to create an ergonomic work environment that's tailored to your specific needs.

The versatile arm lets you elevate your laptop and traditional monitor stand off of your desk. This gives you more surface area for additional hardware or for completing physical tasks such as draft.ing or reading paper documents.

  • Optimize your desk space by raising your monitor and laptop off of your desk
  • Replicate a dual-monitor setup by integrating your laptop as a second display
  • Work more comfortably with hassle-free display adjustments
  • Supports a 15 to 27 monitor (17.6
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