• Tripp Lite B064-016-02-IPG 16-Port 2-User Cat5 Kvm 1U Tta

Tripp Lite B064-016-02-IPG 16-Port 2-User Cat5 Kvm 1U Tta

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Brand Interex By Tripp-Lite
Tripp Lites 16-port NetDirector Cat5 IP KVM Switch is the optimal solution for remotely controlling multiple computers (combination of PS/2 USB and Serial) by up to 3 (1 Local and 2 Remote) independent simultaneous users. A single unit occupies a mere 1U of rack space yet can control up to 16 directly connected computers and a maximum of 128 computers when a second level of B007-008 KVM switches are cascaded. A full-screen graphical OSD with multi-level authentication (Super Administrator Administrator and User) allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your installation and can be displayed in English German Russian Japanese traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. Critical events on the installation can be tracked via email notification SNMP traps the Windows-based log server or Syslog server. Accessing the connected computers is a breeze; view multiple computers at the same time using panel array mode automatically sync USB mice access the on-screen keyboard feature in numerous language formats. Virtual Media allows computers connected using a B055-001-USB-V2 Server Interface Unit to access DVD/CD drives flash drives and other storage media as if they were directly connected to the computer. In addition three USB ports are located on the front panel of the unit for use with Virtual Media or an external keyboard and mouse. Other features include dual power supplies that allow the unit to continue running in the event one power supply stops receiving power temperature sensors that control the speed of the units cooling fans remote authentication support via RADIUS LDAP LDAPS and Active Directory dial-in modem access and non-browser access using Windows and Java applications. Up to 3 users (1 Local and 2 Remote) can simultaneously access the connected computers/servers Features two RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps network ports for redundant or dual-IP o
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